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5 Tips to Help Keep You on Track to a Healthy Lifestyle Over the Summer!

Summer Eating Is it harder to lose and keep weight off in the summer than it is over the winter? We think so! We know that many of us who are over eaters are constantly fighting to either lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. For most of us its a year long struggle keeping [...]

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Columbus and the Gym

When I hear people say how they want to get in shape, or they need to lose weight, the first thing I ask them is, “What are you doing about that?” Typically, the answer is “NOTHING”! So I will say, “How do expect things to change if you don’t make a change?” If you have [...]

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What a journey these last two years have been!

I thought it was time I sat down and wrote a post about what these last two years have been like and all the changes I have been through personally, physically and emotionally. Many of you know a little about my weight loss journey, but I thought I would share what else has been happening [...]

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We are what we want to be.

Do you remember how excited and pumped up you were at the beginning of the year to lose weight and get in shape? Do you remember that new gym membership you signed up for? Do you remember how you were telling everyone you were going to change your lifestyle and get healthy? And do you [...]

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maison marigold

Change–One of life’s certainties.

Changes. Life is full of them. Sometimes change can be a good. Sometimes change can be bad. Either way, change is inevitable. There comes a time in everyone’s life when change arrives at the most inopportune time. These chances can include a change in jobs, divorce, health issues or even death. Change can be an incredible [...]

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Tips for losing weight in the new year!

Here are some helpful hints that I have used and still use to help kick start losing weight!  Tip #1 – Cardio in the morning! Doing cardio in the morning is a great way to start burning calories right away. Next thing it does is it kick starts your metabolism. Most of us who are [...]

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